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Friday, January 18, 2013

The NHL is Back, and So Are We(?)

Hopefully you know by now that the NHL is back from its lockout. Play will resume, and hopefully so will this blog. We are, however, looking to make big changes.

New Name?

That's right, we're considering a new name for the blog. Wild About Design is fine, but perhaps there is something better. New name suggestions are welcome. A voting poll will be set up on the sidebar asking your opinion on a name change. Please vote. A re-brand is coming too, but that is dependent on the name.

Assistance Needed

We are looking to expand here at Wild About Design. The hope is that we can eventually set up a little community of people interested in this topic. My ultimate goal is to get a blog/following started for multiple teams.

At this point, I am specifically looking for a number of people to help. For starters, anyone wishing to write blog posts, please let me know. This can be news, concepts, critiques, whatever. I would love to get some more contributing partners. We are also looking for solidified featured artists. In other words, a group of designers that would be willing to submit concepts on a somewhat regular basis. In the past we have had concepts sent in from all kinds of designers, but a firm group would be awesome.

If anyone is interested in helping in ANY way, please let me know.

Email Us!

There were some problems between various blogger and email accounts, but everything has been sorted out now. So email wildaboutdesign@hotmail.com with news, concepts, photos, whatever! It will get posted along with any description you wish to include, and all proper credit will be given to the contributor.


So, is there any interest in keeping this blog going? It is a personal hobby of mine, but I would love to shape it into an interesting information center for hockey and sports branding fans. Please let us know if there is any interest.

Leave comments here, email wildaboutdesign@hotmail.com, or hit us up on Twitter, @WildAboutDesign.

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