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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday to the Nickname "Wild"

On January 22, 1998, Minnesota's NHL expansion franchise announced their nickname and released their first logo!  The name "Wild" was announced, beating out Blue Ox, Freeze, Northern Lights, Voyageurs  and White Bears. The colors of Forest Green, Iron Range Red, and Harvest Gold, which are still used today. An unveiling took place at Aldrich Arena in Maplewood to show off the name and logo of Minnesota's new franchise.

Interestingly enough, the current primary logo was nowhere to be seen. The primary logo that was initially released was a script logo, featuring "Wild" in green with gold and red outlines. The logo that eventually showed up on the jerseys as a sleeve patch featured the script logo over a roundel that featured the words "Minnesota" and "NHL Hockey."

These logos were used for Minnesota until the 2000/20001 NHL season when the Wild finally took the ice. At this point the current primary logo, the bear head depicting a wilderness scene, was introduced. It donned the front of the inaugural jerseys.

The Wild are yet to make any changes to their primary logo. While several alternate logos and scripts have been developed, the bear head logo remains the primary symbol of the Minnesota Wild.

Just for fun, here are some cool shots of the old shoulder patch I took from my green jersey:

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