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Saturday, August 27, 2011

School is Here, Hockey Will Be Soon!

I have been extremely busy lately with the start of class and such, plus there hasn't been much hockey related news, so it's been awhile since I have posted here. Thankfully there has still been some interest in this blog, so I have reason to keep it going.

We start with a concept! Sam sent in a concept for a green jersey featuring lots of wheat. It goes for a very classic look, using only two colors everywhere but the logo. Notice the primary logo as the crest, yellow/gold nowhere to be seen. Nice job!

We also have some uniform news! Well, not for the Wild. Minnesota's AHL affiliate, the Houston Aeros, unveiled new jerseys for the upcoming season. The home (white) jersey uses a generic Reebok template.

The road is a green jersey in the form of the Wild's current home jersey template. Perhaps that is how the Wild could do a new green jersey someday in the future.

Finally, the alternate jersey. This is perhaps the most intriguing of the three. It uses the Wild's current alternate template, only in wheat. At least, it looks wheat. It could actually be white, but it looks wheat to me. It follows the same script design for the crest. Once again, this may be something we end up seeing from the Wild in the future. One can only hope!

So that's all I have right now. Hopefully more concepts will come in as we get closer to hockey season. And I have a few ideas for contests for later on, so stay tuned!