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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Snowy Night Alternate

Shane P sent in an awesome concept that give the Wild a very different look. Shane eliminated red and wheat from the color scheme and added silver and black.

"I've completely phased out the red. I know that's a polarizing approach, but I think the Wild are better off not sharing their colors with a major holiday. That's why I chose Green and White, with Silver, then Black as accent colors. No one has claimed Green outright in the NHL and I think it would be perfect for the Wild."

An interesting choice, but I think it turned out pretty cool. The home and road jerseys have a retro feel to them, but not full-on vintage.

"I incorporated the pattern from the 1980's Flyer's jerseys in some way for each design, most heavily in the home jersey. It's probably my favorite pattern, and if they don't want it, I think we use a form of it. I also added the shooting star from their logo to the breezers. This has been done before by someone, but they had the star pointing the other way, which I think looks weird, so i just flipped it."

My personal favorite part of this concept is the alternate uniform. Shane used a different set of colors to create what he calls a snowy night theme.

"My alternate is pretty different, but I think it's a cool look. I altered the logo to look like a snowfall and added a snowflake pattern for the shoulder patch. A very dark Blue and White I think works perfect with the theme. Kind of a "snowy night" theme."

Thanks to Shane for sending in these awesome designs! I love the snowy night alternate.

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