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Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Day in History

On this day, January 22, in 1998, the NHL's Minnesota franchise selected the name 'Wild'. The Minnesota Wild would begin play in the 2000/2001 NHL season.

Here are a few excerpts from articles written around the time of the unveiling:

Nice touch, the new Minnesota franchise calling a news conference to unveil its new name — Wild — and logo and including Neal Broten in the ceremony. If anyone has done more for hockey in Minnesota than Broten, name him.

But on to the logo, described as iron range red, forest green, harvest gold and Minnesota wheat. Was Minnesota wheat in your box of Crayolas? The Wild, by the way, beat out the Polars, Voyageurs and Blue Ox in fan balloting.

Excerpt from article published in Deseret News

When Minnesota's NHL expansion franchise announced in January 1998 that it would be called the Wild, the obvious question was, "What's a 'Wild?'" The team's response: "Whatever you want it to be."

The Wild's home sweater, unveiled Thursday at the Roseville Skating Center, is dominated by the head of a beast that might be a bear. Or maybe it's a mountain lion? A wolf? A very angry gopher? Who really knows?

And again, that's precisely the point.

"It's a wild picture," chief executive officer Jac Sperling explained. "People will see what they want to see. It's intended to be a wild animal."

Excerpt from article published in Star Tribune

Pretty cool!

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