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Monday, December 20, 2010

Back In My Day...(Part 1)

While celebrating the 50th post of Wild About Design, I took a look at the past. How this blog came about, and how the Wild's look came to be. Let's take a history lesson, shall we?

The Interest is Born

Back in the summer of 2007, Reebok Edge jerseys took over the NHL. When I found out my favorite team, the Minnesota Wild, of course, might be getting new jerseys, I started to pay attention. People were speculating that the Wild would make some changes to their uniforms, possible making the red alternate the home jersey. People started whipping up designs and posted them about.

Then, an image was leaked. It was that of the shoulder/collar area of a red jersey, supposedly the Wild's new home jersey.

At this point, my interest was growing rapidly. A short time later, the Wild's official website announced the new jerseys would be unveiled on September 7th.

I couldn't wait. More concepts popped up, each claiming they knew what was coming.

Another image was leaked, giving fans a good look at the new home jersey.

Finally, the new jerseys were unveiled. And they remain today.

It was the excitement surrounding the whole deal that got me hooked. I started looking into these sort of things all the time. Stick around for Part 2 of my story to hear how Wild About Design was born.

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